Saturday, November 26, 2011

Starbucks: Just How Many of This Coffee Shop Does Makati Have?

Starbucks. Whenever I hear that name, the first thing that enters my mind is fancy coffee. Anyway, I have a reason for calling it fancy because not only Riju calls everything that he thinks is expensive or overpriced fancy but also because a Starbucks coffee, really IS expensive and well, what do you know! Fancy.

As far as my memory serves me right, I had my very first Starbucks not so long ago. I think it was just a couple of years ago or so. Now, don't be so shocked. It's just that I really think spending more than a hundred bucks just to get a sip of coffee is too much for me especially if I will drink it as if it's my own brand of water. A little splurging every now and then is fine but buy Starbucks coffee everyday? I'm gonna have to pass on that.

I did a little bit of research about this coffee company and found out that it was first introduced to the consumers during the early 1970s by three brilliant men in Seattle, Washington. And after the opening of the first Starbucks coffee shop in the whole planet, like what most people say, the rest is history.

Going back to Starbucks Philippines, I just could not believe my eyes when I noticed that almost everywhere in Makati where I set my eye on, there it was! That famous logo where a siren (or mermaid) mischievously smiles is starting at me! I know that I have not explored the whole of Makati yet but so far, I think I must have seen at least 5 of it already!

I think the biggest reason why there is so much of this world's biggest and most famous coffee shop in the business district of the Philippines is because of the fact that there are a lot of young career people who are working in this area and that somehow, Starbucks was able to integrate itself in these people's daily lives. This is most probably because many of these working class actually works during the night and that they need a good dose of caffeine to keep themselves awake and performing well in their job.

Anyway, I think I managed to try 2 of the 28 Starbucks Makati. Not that I'm planning to try all of them because anyway, the location, the staff and the store decor may change but at the end of the day, they all offer the same menu. It just so happened that Riju and I had a date night and we topped it all with some Starbucks drinks and a slice of Oreo cheesecake somewhere behind Glorietta 4. Geez. My apologies but I forgot to take note of the exact location of that branch. And then the other branch, Jem, a friend of mine, and I had a quick coffee after our dinner in Bonchon sometime last month in Ayala Triangle. Again, I forgot which branch was that but I think it was the one in Ayala Office Tower 6750.

Riju and I's order at Starbucks

For those who are wondering about the 28 Starbucks Makati branches, I provided a list below that you can check out.
Starbucks - Makati City -- 6788 6788 Ayala Avenue
Starbucks - Makati City -- Allegro G/F Allegro, Pasong Tamo Extension
Starbucks - Makati City -- AOT - 6750 - Office Drive 6750 Ayala Avenue
Starbucks - Makati City -- Ayala Tower 1 Ayala Tower One, Mezzanine Level
Starbucks - Makati City -- Cristina G/F Cristina Condominium
Starbucks - Makati City -- Enterprise Center Level 3 Tower 2, Enterprise Building
Starbucks - Makati City -- Glorietta 4 Glorietta 4, Theater Lobby, Ayala Center
Starbucks - Makati City -- Glorietta 4 Level 1 Ground Floor, Glorrietta 3, Ayala Center
Starbucks - Makati City -- Greenbelt 1 Greenbelt Mall
Starbucks - Makati City -- Greenbelt 3 G/F, GreenBelt 3 Mall
Starbucks - Makati City -- 28 Jupiter Street
Starbucks - Makati City -- G/F Alpap I Bldg., Leviste St., Salcedo
Starbucks - Makati City -- Magallanes Paseo de Magallanes, San Gregorio St.
Starbucks - Makati City -- MSE - Ground Floor Entrance Ayala Ave
Starbucks - Makati City -- G/F Pacific Star Building
Starbucks - Makati City -- Pearl Bank 146 Valero Street, Salcedo Village
Starbucks - Makati City -- Plaza 100 Herrera cor Dela Rosa Street
Starbucks - Makati City -- Powerplant Cinema Level R-1 Store #103 L Plaza Drive
Starbucks - Makati City -- Powerplant Mall Doppio 3rd level Power Plant Mall
Starbucks - Makati City -- RCBC Plaza - Tower 2 - Relocation 6819 Ayala Avenue
Starbucks - Makati City -- Rockwell Landing (Relocation) 6 Rockwell Drive
Starbucks - Makati City -- G/F San Antonio Plaza, Mckinley St.
Starbucks - Makati City -- Security Bank Building, Ayala Avenue
Starbucks - Makati City -- Lot 2,3,4 Aguinaldo Highway
Starbucks - Makati City -- The Columns Tower 3, Ayala Avenue
Starbucks - Makati City -- G/F Valero St.
Starbucks - Makati City -- Waltermart 790 Chino Roces Ave. cnr. Antonio Amaiz
Starbucks - Makati City -- Yupangco Bldg - Ground Floor


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