Thursday, December 1, 2011

Have You Been To Dillingers 1903 Before?

If your answer to the title of this entry is a no, then keep on reading so that you can get a good idea on what Dillingers 1903 is all about and if you should be including it in your must-check-out list.

Dillingers 1903 Steak and Brew is a bistro that is really more of a bar rather than a place for people to dine in. It is located on the third floor level of Greenbelt 3. It is at the farthest right corner of the building so it is pretty easy to find but tricky to locate especially for people like Riju and I who do not often go to that place.

The reason why we had one of our date nights there is because we bought some vouchers online that offer a 50% off discount on a P500 worth of food at Dillingers. What really made us go for the vouchers is the fact that this bistro offers some mouthwatering dishes such as the USDA Angus Ribeye Steak that Riju is dreaming about.

The vouchers are only valid til November 30, 2011, yesterday that is. The good thing is that I was able to check our voucher collection (yes, we or at least I am a voucher addict) a couple of weeks ago or else, our vouchers would have just expired, our money went to waste and worst of all, we didn't get to try those yummy foodies!

Anyway, so off we went to Greenbelt 3 last Sunday and boy were we surprised to find out that Dillinger's only have four dining tables inside the restaurant and it's either you wait until those tables become empty or you just sit on one of those bar stools that people who booze usually sat on. We totally did not expect that so it was kind of a minus point for Dillingers.

And as we surveyed the place, nobody even bothered to welcome us and offered us some seat that we had to call the attention of a staff about how we can get us some comfy seats and all that. I mean, come on, it was just 5 in the afternoon that time and I saw a lot of staff over there but nobody can welcome and usher in customers? It's not even a huge place for us to not get someone's attention.

So okay, I was able to talk to one of the Dillingers' staff and told him that I called in earlier for a reservation because it was written on the fine print of the deal to call at least 2 days ahead before dining in. However, he told me that they do not honor reservations if you are going to use a voucher. Geez~ What's the point of having a fine print written about the deal? I did not bother making a scene about it since I'm too hungry to get angry so I just let it be.

About our seats, I realized that each table is actually made up of two separate tables connected together to make it look bigger. A couple was kind enough to share their extra table to us so we managed to make ourselves comfy on their very plushy seats. So we're ready to order our food!

Our initial order was made up of one USDA Black Angus Ribeye Steak for Riju and  one Fillet Mignon for me. And guess what? At 5pm in the afternoon, they said that they ran out of Fillet Mignon already! Seriously?! Anyway, I had no choice but to order another dish so I went for the Pan Seared Salmon. It was a pretty long wait before our food were served to us but maybe that is really the actual cooking time needed in order for our food to be perfect so I won't complain about that part. Aside from the two dishes we had, I also ordered some buffalo wings and a Bacardi Mai Tai.

The verdict about the food? Riju's steak was humongous! It was nicely cooked just the way Riju wants it, medium rare that is. And I think that even the regular price of the steak is quite reasonable compared to other restaurants. As for my Pan Seared Salmon, it's also nice and my fish was perfectly cooked. Even the thick creamy sauce that came with it was nice. The only problem I had with it is when it comes to plating. I think it was too plain. Haha! So much for watching too many cooking competitions on the telly. The buffalo wings? I like it's hotness although I'm not a fan of the sauce really. It's ok. And the Mai Tai? Well, it's my first time to have that so I really can't compare it with other Mai Tais but the taste reminded me of the medicine I used to take when I was still a kid. LOL!

And how much was our bill? Well, what do you know! We bought 3 vouchers which means that we have P1500 worth of Dillingers food and we consumed a total of P1497 worth of foodies. So we knew we were able to maximize the vouchers we bought.

Will we come back at Dillingers again?  Probably yes and that is mainly because of their reasonably priced and tasty dishes. Although I really hope that when that time comes, all the crews are well trained when it comes to not only taking orders of customers but more importantly in receiving arriving customers. Remember, first impression lasts.

Will I recommend it to others? Hmm, most probably a yes again. Although I will most likely give them a run down about our dining experience there.

It was actually USDA "BLACK" Angus Rib Eye Steak. This is a huge serving I must say.
My order. The taste is quite good although I still want my fillet mignon.

The bar area where booze in different colored bottles can be found. 
Dillingers' pretty chandelier
Oh! Before I forget, there is actually this one Dillingers crew who really brought down the house when it comes to customer service. He was always cheerful when taking down our orders and checking us up if we need something and what not. Too bad I forgot his name. I even made a mental note to write down his name (was it Rap?) here just in case the Dillingers management chanced upon this blog entry that I made.

So there. Decide for yourself!

If you want to give Dillingers 1903 a try, check out the information below.

Dillingers 1903 Steak and Brew
Greenbelt 3, 3rd Level
Paseo de Roxas cor. Legaspi St., Ayala Center
Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines
Phone Number: (+63 2) 391-7978
Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday 11:00am to 4:00am


  1. Thank you for this amazing guide. I am now convinced that I need to check out Dillingers 1903 before it's too late. A big hurrah to your blog! :)

  2. I've gone to Dillinger's a few times... Good choice on the steak and chicken orders. What makes Dillinger's stand out to me is the interior design... it's reminiscent of a 50's mafia reading room, but the crowd and wait staff make the place cozy. :)

  3. Nice takes! I joined your blog. :)
    I hope you post more articles with the same kind of Excellent Quality.

  4. HI there, thanks a lot for the visit. Nice review about the Dillingers, unfortunately, I don't go there for the reason that it's way too much for my budget :) Jollibee is where I take my kids and nieces and nephews when I take them out to eat. It's great to know though that in case my budget permits, I know where to go. Have a wonderful day.

  5. Hi Wawan! I'm glad that my Dillingers entry helped you decide on whether to check it out or not. Let me know how it goes for you kapag na-try mo na sya. =)

    Hello Isadora! You're right about the Dillingers' theme the moment you enter the room. It's like The Godfather is gonna come out any moment with his gang. hehehe...

    What's up Michael! Thank you for your kind words. Do not worry for I will do my best in providing great blog posts every now and then that are worthy of your time and attention. :D

    And to Mommy Liz, thank you too for visiting my site back. My husband and I also love Jollibee. That's one place that we frequently visit if we want some yummy fastfood stuff. And you can never go wrong about eating at Jollibee if you have kids with you. =)

  6. Thank you for visiting my blog! Please put me on your blog roll and I will also put you on mine, Thanks!

    The Angus Beef look delicious I think I should try that when I get better!