Monday, December 12, 2011

The Chickboy Scandal: What's in Your Ginisang Kangkong sa Bawang?

I have been hearing about Chic-Boy, probably one of the latest fast food eateries that people are raving about for some time now. I have not tried dining in at one of their branches here in Makati yet but there is this " Chickboy Scandal" that is being passed around and shared in different social networks as of the moment that is making me wonder if I will still give Chic-Boy a shot. Apparently, a Chic-Boy fan, now an "EX" fan, ordered a kangkong dish which came with a big, fat and hairy (?) caterpillar in it. If you want to know what happened next, you can just check out the entire rantings of the now ex-ChicBoy fan here. And you be the judge if the whole story is just some sick black propaganda of the "competitors" of Chic-Boy or that it is just a simple ranting of an unfortunate customer who had the biggest luck in the world when it comes to sucking out the goodness from a slimy creature.

Anyway, if you ask me, I believe that instances such as the one cited on the scandal can really happen from time to time and that it should not be generalized by the public. However, instead of acting all defensive and macho, I also believe that any business establishment in the food industry should know how to act responsibly during times like this.

One of the "scandal" pictures taken from the ChicBoy customer 's FB account.
So will I still try Chic-Boy after this nasty and "slimy" scandal? Hmmm, I still don't know. I will still have to think about it. Every time I see the "scandal" pictures, they just make me cringe. We'll see.


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